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  1. adventuresofcomicbookgirl:

    Usagi: Damn, you’re handsome!

    Mamoru: You think so :D?

    Usagi: You’re so well proportioned you look good in anything!

    I can’t even begin to describe how hilarious and adorable I find this.

    I mean the fact Usagi just runs up to her boyfriend and is like “DAMN YER HANDSOME!” She doesn’t play around, GET IT GIRL.

    And that Mamoru’s reaction is to giggle and blush and be like “omg you think so for reals that makes me happy”

    and then she starts going on about his proportions okay  we know where your eyes have been wandering now Mamoru just giggles some more and  is like “cut out Usako aawww” gosh they are a couple of dorks.

    Also the “you look good in anything” has that hidden subtext of “which is good because your fashion taste is shit”. 

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  2. dysfunctiocerebri:


    apparently one gay superhero couple is way too much for straight people to handle

    Wait, is there a canon gay couple? Or is this referring to Superfamily?

    idk about superfamily but several individual superheros have came out as gay

  3. whitepeoplesaidwhat:

    Easter is approaching.


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  4. rankinqs:

    Reblog this! People need to know and protect their Tumblr, my friend clicked this and it doesn’t let her on Tumblr anymore! 

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  5. theuppitynegras:

    black men can be just as bad as white people thinking black women don’t support them like what history book was you reading?


  7. feeelinggg tired. I think this week just exhausted me and I’m starting to feel it now. Next week will be chaos as well with me especially trying to cram in a advisor meeting plus work plus finals plus last minute projects and papers and doctors appointment OTL

  8. diaemyung:

    Aomine is being smart

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  9. just sent the wrong cover letter to the wrong person FUCKKK


    im fucked. oh well at least it was a generic library job…though it would have been nice to have. 

    also im applying for the red cross internship in social community outreach which is i think really great for public health

    i hope i get it. i need to work on the cover letter for it so if anyone wants to help me develop that, i would greatly appreciate it :)


  10. vogelbird:


    • when people use my name in conversation
    • when people say “this reminded me of you!”
    • when people remember little things i say/do
    • when people genuinely thank me for things i’ve done for them
    • when i think of the same thing at the same time as someone else and you give each other the look

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  11. "Also, you shouldn’t waste food."

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  12. booforce:

    my friend who snorts cocaine won’t eat cookie dough because it’s bad for you

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  13. theaceoffours:


    most of the lights are out in my kitchen so there’s a spotlight on my fridge





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